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Lockwood Loudspeakers is a British high-fidelity loudspeaker manufacturer with a rich heritage dating back to the 1930s. Inspired by the first UK television broadcast in 1936, carpenter Stanley Timms began building radio cabinets and soon shifted his focus to building high-quality loudspeakers. A partnership with the BBC led to the creation of the legendary Lockwood monitors, preferred by major TV, radio, and recording studios worldwide.

Famed for their exceptional sound quality, Lockwood Loudspeakers become a reference in leading global recording and broadcast studios, including Abbey Road and The Rolling Stones’ pioneering mobile studio.

Lockwood Loudspeakers have been trusted by thousands of music legends, including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Joe Meek, U2, Bob Dylan, The Who, Queen, Elton John, Emmylou Harris, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, R.E.M., Robbie Robertson, Sheryl Crow, Iggy Pop, Daniel Lanois, and Lenny Kravitz, to bring their music to life.

Lockwood Loudspeakers have also played an integral part in the creation of hundreds of legendary movie soundtracks including all the James Bond films from DR. No to The Spy Who Loved Me, Quincy Jones’s score for MacKenna’s Gold, Superman II, Flash Gordan, The Omen, all of The Beatles films and The Who’s Quadrophenia.


Bellatrix Loudspeaker

Bellatrix is the masterpiece loudspeaker design from Mr. Piotr GALKOWSKI of Divine Acoustics. Divine Acoustics was founded in 2003 and focuses its efforts on loudspeakers, but also constructs other specialty audio products. All Divine Acoustics products are artisanal and hand built proprietary designs, significantly different from the rest of the offer available on the market.

Mr. Galkowski is a perfectionist of the most extreme type. Beginning with the design of Bellatrix, everything about this speaker – the ultra high component quality, superb construction, and flawless finishing – is absolute perfection! And, most importantly, the sound is perfection itself!



Tannoy is one of the oldest and most respected loudspeaker brands in the world. In homes, and in professional recording studios, Tannoy is the brand of choice when sound quality is critical. Over its illustrious history, Tanoy has strived to offer reference level products in every loudspeaker category, with many models hailed by reviewers and industry professionals alike as defining the state of the art at the time.

For audiophiles and music-lovers around the globe, Tannoy’s residential loudspeakers have a following second to none. Tannoy’s famous Dual Concentric driver technology has become highly regarded the world over for its power, timing and point-source accuracy. To this day the DC driver’s outstanding musical imaging and ability to communicate with the listener is unlike any other multiple-driver system presently available.


Gold Note loudspeakers are all 100% hand built in Italy. The loudspeakers feature a very stylish design aesthetic and provide a totally captivating sound. The cabinets are hand built to very high grade furniture standards. They are striking. The company presently offers three floorstanding models and one bookshelf model. Gold Note has been designing outstanding loudspeakers for years. These superior speakers deliver state-of-the-art performance, guaranteed by careful engineering, high performance components and sophisticated cabinet designs.


An exciting range of super high efficiency coaxial loudspeakers designed and hand built by Frank Fazzalari. The perfect choice for low power tube amps and SET enthusiasts. Essentially, there are four models corresponding to the four sizes of coaxial drivers employed (10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch and 18 inch ). All models are eight ohm designs and range in efficiency from 94 to 102 dbs.

All Coherent loudspeakers utilize the American made Radian Co-axial drivers which undergo extensive modifications by Coherent Audio.   The drivers are matched to a special crossover built in-house.   The custom crossover is based on totally new design principles and incorporates special coils which are also built by Coherent. All of the models incorporate a high performance super tweeter which guarantees top end extension to beyond 100kHz. This super tweeter greatly enhances the spatial presentation and imaging characteristics of the loudspeaker. Finally, and very importantly, each model of coaxial driver is matched to an in- house designed and hand built cabinet that incorporates unique structural features to allow the modified coaxial units to perform at their maximum capability.

The latest Coherent models represent an absolutely outstanding range of high performance / high efficiency loudspeakers. Best of all, the pricing is extremely reasonable for the performance and hand built quality you get. The models play beautifully with low power tube amps and also sound great with high quality solid state amps.  Since all cabinets are hand built, the customer can select whatever veneer choice they would like.