/  Bellatrix


Bellatrix is a 2.5-way, 3-speaker system. The woofer and mid-woofer work in a joined volume constituted by a multi-chamber bass-reflex / TQWT system with ventilation at the bottom side. The multilayer enclosure is designed in the CRCdesign technology,  internally reinforced with a grating made of plywood and steel. A separate chamber for the tweeter has been designed. Mineral mats were used to dampen the enclosure precisely, so it was unnecessary to use other loose dampening materials. Bellatrix stands on a one-piece carbon steel pedestal integrated with the enclosure, equipped with the company’s special Kepler vibration absorbing feet.


The tweeter of Bellatrix speakers is a silk  Scan-Speak Illuminator ring-radiator covered with a metal protective mesh. It is a version with a large damper chamber integrated with a vibration dampening system with CeraGem technology. The special subchassis construction makes the loudspeaker lean on a set of damping layers, analogous to those used in the Kepler  vibration absorbing feet.


The mid-woofer and woofer are 7-inch modified Eton Orchestra drivers with a characteristically embossed cellulose diaphragm on a rubber suspension. The solid die-cast basket is equipped with our proprietary BAD dampening system. The massive magnet system is vented and grounded. The dust cover has a shape memory – it is resistant to dents. As a result, Bellatrix does not require protective grilles.


The crossover is the most complex and advanced part of Bellatrix speakers. It has its own housing permanently attached to the main body of the speaker. During the design and construction of the crossover, SGP, ESM and RFpath technologies were used. All parts are mounted using the point-to-point method, on both sides of the multi-hole plate. The Bellatrix crossover consists of 51 top-quality components: copper Miflex KFPM-1, aluminum Jantzen Audio Alumen, foil Miflex MKP-10, Jantzen Audio Z-Superior and Z-Standard capacitors; Superes metallized non-inductive resistors, precision carbon resistors in correction circuits and cotton-insulated OFC coils. Solder connections are lead-free. The full repeatability of subsequent copies is ensured by the multi-stage measurement control of individual elements and all of the connections.

Bellatrix is available in 3 exquisite finishes —  Moca, Smoke, and the luxurious Snakewood finish which has 10 coats of hand polished varnish.  Snakewood is a limited edition finish due to the rarity of this striking wood.