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Box Furniture has been building elegant furniture in support of High Fidelity audio systems for years now. Extensive listening tests and careful materials selection is integral to the sonic performance that Box provides.  It’s a pretty dramatic result as I personally found out years ago.  And the beauty and elegance that comes with BOX is a definite bonus!

Box Furniture audio racks are hand built in New York. The man behind Box is Anthony Abbate – a musician, an internationally known furniture maker of the highest caliber and a long time audio enthusiast.  Anthony is also the man behind the beautiful DeVore Fidelity speaker cabinets. Staffed by a talented and musical crew, BOX was born by many years of furniture making, record collecting, system tweaking and sound engineering.  All Box structures use the highest quality hardwoods, mortise and tenon construction, and modern catalyzed finishes.

To give you an idea of the elaborate construction techniques Box employs, consider that all of the insert shelves for their racks consist of five different woods and three different glues to ensure an absolutely optimized sound reproduction. These shelves are then recessed and glued into the solid wood frame for increased rigidity. Impressive!

Box Furniture racks and structures are available in a complete variety of sizes and configurations.  It is also possible to custom build a rack to accommodate any unique requirements you may have. The racks can be constructed in beautiful Sapele or Anigre woods. Other custom finishes are also available.

Jack Roberts’ review comments summarize the main sonic characteristics of BOX really well.  These are the exact same attributes I heard when I adopted BOX structures in my own listening rooms.

“With the BOX rack, my system sounded very powerful with explosive dynamics, great energy, and dynamics. The sound had a nice sense of ease and the soundstage was more expansive and had greater scale.”  —  Jack Roberts, Dagogo


Audio Racks / Isolation Bases / Chassis Noise Reduction

One of the key elements in producing superb sound from your audio system is to have a very low noise floor. HRS tackles that objective in a serious way with its industry leading technology employed in its state-of-the-art range of audio racks, isolation bases and chassis noise reduction products.  The HRS complete system approach will preserve the information, timing decay structure and spatial information of your favourite music in the manner originally created by the artist.

There are basically four ranges of HRS products. Those are HRS Audio Stands, HRS Isolation Bases, HRS Chassis Noise Reduction Products, and HRS Analog Record Weights.

HRS High Performance Audio Stands are designed to make your equipment look great, provide excellent performance, and have a modular engineering architecture that can adjust to your system needs. They are available in a very wide range of performance and finish options to provide the ideal audio stand for your needs.

HRS Isolation Bases are a primary element for significantly reducing structure borne noise in any audio or video component. These bases are designed on unique engineering architecture first invented by HRS in the 1990s and perfected ever since.  They are designed to be used on any surface with your existing furniture or with HRS Audio Stand Frame Systems.

HRS Chassis Noise Reduction Products. These are the Nimbus and Damping Plate Products that significantly reduce chassis noise. They are manufactured from billet machined aluminum alloys and a custom polymer material developed by HRS specifically for the audio industry. A full range of sizes is available which gives you the capability to optimize the performance of any size audio component or chassis style.

HRS Analog Disk Record Weight. This is a highly innovative design that holds a record to the turntable platter while eliminating groove and turntable bearing noise, revealing a new level of musical fidelity from your vinyl music collection.  The HRS record weights are available in different models to optimize performance for your particular turntable design.

All HRS products are manufactured in the US by highly skilled craftsmen using superior techniques, exotic finishes, and proprietary materials. HRS is dedicated to producing the finest audio products in the world. They are obsessed with quality and it is part of the HRS DNA which can be seen in every product they manufacture.


The Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner has become known as the world’s highest rated and best performing record cleaning machine. The new PRO model provides significant advances over the already excellent previous generation machines.  The Audio Desk PRO is a fully automatic record cleaning machine that works through ultrasonic vibrations to produce outstanding results you see and hear.

All you need to do is place a record perpendicularly into Vinyl Cleaner PRO and press the red activation button. When the green LED shines, the clean LP can be removed. How’s that for simple? During the five-minute cleaning process, specially designed rotary cleaning pads made from a microfiber material move in opposite directions while a specialized ultrasonic system removes even the finest contaminants from the grooves. The cleaning solution is thoroughly filtered inside the machine to avoid re-contamination of the LP. Finally, two high-performance fans guarantee your LP ends the cycle perfectly dry and ready to play.

Cleaning with the Audio Desk Pro is not only quieter and much easier, it is also highly effective and extremely gentle on the LP’s surface. Your vinyl will sparkle as never before and most importantly, you will hear your LP collection sound better than ever. I have tried all different types of vinyl cleaning – hand cleaning, various vacuum cleaning machines, and even pressure washing.  I have been using the Audio Desk System for a few years now and can tell you that it takes things to a whole new level of clean with results you hear big time.  If you have a serious vinyl collection, I would suggest the Audio Desk is definitely worth a serious look.

“The Audio Desk Systeme was the most effective, easy-to-use record-cleaning machine I’ve ever tried. I’ve never had so much fun cleaning LPs. I bought the review sample!” – Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“The Audio Desk Systeme record cleaning machine is a revelation; Not just for its ease of use, but for the improvements it renders to vinyl playback. It will leave about any LP looking pristine. It is a well-nigh indispensable accessory for any record lover!” – Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound, 2014 Golden Ear Award

“I can assure you that before-and-after comparisons are simply no contest. After trying pretty much everything else, nothing gets my records as clean as this machine does – it redefines analog quiet!” – Jeff Dorgay, TONE Audio


Kepler Isolation Footers

Divine Acoustics introduces CeraGem technology! For a long time in their laboratory, Divine Acoustics has been researching the properties of various materials and their impact on the sound of the audio system. They combined various materials, metals, alloys, minerals, ceramics, hard and soft materials, and tested various configurations. The result of this work is a multilayer system that dissipates, cumulates and dampens vibrations very effectively, and thus positively affects the operation of the audio system – from the source, through the amplifier, to the speaker system.

The CeraGem technology combines the advantages of hard materials: sintered ceramic, gemstones with a repeatable crystal structure and various metals. CeraGem technology is a proprietary solution and does not duplicate schemes used by other companies that fight against vibrations using ceramic balls, soft spacers, magnets or bearings.

The first project in which CeraGem technology was used are the Kepler vibrations absorbing feet. They have a multi-layered, sandwich construction. They are designed to be used as speaker feet – they can replace speaker spikes, and they can also replace the feet of devices such as CD players, DAC’s or amplifiers.

Kepler consists of 40 elements, and its main function, the accumulation and dissipation of vibrations, is carried out by 7 layers made of various materials. Inside the Kepler’s enclosure, a rectangular ceramic bar cooperates with gemstones arranged in the shape of a pyramid based on a non-parallel triangle. The stones are kept in a fixed position, they cooperate with chromium-nickel steel and together they form a 3-layer system. The pyramid rests directly on the ceramic bar, and is surrounded by other elements that gently compress the entire system and create a kind of heat sink that converts the accumulated energy into heat. The top threaded spindle transmits vibrations from the device or loudspeaker directly to the top of the pyramid. The steel, chromium, nickel, copper, titanium, molybdenum and auxiliary elements made of wood and polyamide were also used in the construction of Kepler in individual layers.


Gravity Vibration Absorbing Platform

Gravity functions as a buffer. It separates a device which is placed on it from the ground. It prevents spreading of vibration from the ground into the device. What is more, the platform accumulates and suppresses vibrations which are produced by the device. In this way, it restores and ensures proper and comfortable working conditions.

Gravity Vibration Absorbing Platform has been created to work with CD, DVD, Blue Ray players, DACs, amplifiers and turntables. Units placed on GRAVITY gain significantly in dynamic drive and have a more open and natural sound. GRAVITY also improves bass reproduction and location of the virtual sources in space.

Gravity is a complex device consisting of nearly 200 elements. More than 20 materials with different densities and vibration damping factors were used. The decomposition and resonance damping system was created during tests using a vibration generator of different frequencies. As a result, the platform effectively suppresses vibrations in the 40-120Hz range, i.e. harmful vibrations that occur in the transformers of the devices and are caused by the electrical network.

Gravity rests on 4 aluminum alloys with adjustable chromed spikes. Each foot is connected to the bottom of the platform independently, using rigid heavy-walled steel pipes coated with black PVC and filled with a compound of silencers. Each tube has a different length and thus suppresses another frequency range.

The lower surface was dampened with a special acrylic coating with added silica and cork mats. It is the basis for 3 steel rods with gemstones at their top. They have been carefully selected during listening sessions. Thanks to its crystalline structure, high hardness and diamond-shape grind, they are excellent insulating material for wide frequency spectrum.

Gemstones are the support of the top plate, consisting of 4 layers of different density. The top (visible) layer on which the device is placed is a combination of epoxy resins and acrylics filled with fractionated minerals of irregular shape. The structure of the coating requires a very complex process of applying it and slowly drying to avoid internal stresses, since after drying the material exhibits shape memory properties. The irregular shell structure suppresses the resonances of the device sitting on it.