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Norma Audio has been developing its digital products for over 20 years and presently manufactures a comprehensive series of absolute top class digital sources.

Norma’s NEW reference digital source is the DS-2, and it’s a masterpiece!  The DS-2 gives you absolute musicality at the highest level.  We have sold digital set-ups exceeding $25,000 and have direct experience with many other high priced digital products as well.  I can honestly say that when it comes to digital, Norma gives you the best sound I know of for thousands less than other brands which don’t come close sonically.

The Norma DS-2 source gives you a state-of-the-art CD player as well as a complete set of digital inputs. If you think you know your CDs well, we encourage you to listen to them on a DS-2 and see how different they sound. We guarantee you’ll be quite surprised!  The DS-2 features five digital inputs, including one USB, one AES EBU XLR and three SPDF, inputs, one of which can be configured as a digital output from the CD drive.. Therefore, all the features for an advanced digital source are contained within a single frame, and they are able to meet even the most demanding user’s needs with no limitations.

Norma’s other products are the CDP-2 which is the CD player version of the DS-2, the DAC-2 which is the DAC only version of the DS-2.  The HS series includes the HS-DA1 which is available in two versions. The standard version has all the features of an evolved DAC and is equipped with 5 full-bandwidth digital inputs (24-bit, 192kHz, USB and SPDIF), and both an RCA and XLR analog outputs.  The HS-DA1 Pre has a variable output with an outstanding preamp section. Two additional analog inputs are provided and there is a high-quality class A output for 2 headphones. It is also possible to switch between High / Low gain settings and between Active / Passive preamplifier modes. All functions can be remotely controlled.



Wattson Audio was born of the passion and experience acquired during nearly twenty years by the company Engineered SA in the musical reproduction field.

The flagship Madison is an ultra-compact streamer/DAC which incorporates a new proprietary oversampling process, a dual mono DAC, a headphone output and a LEEDH Processing volume control.

In a new, revamped version, the Madison is the first Wattson Audio unit to join the “Lounge Edition” series. Featuring a reworked look and a number of technological enhancements, the Madison Lounge Edition takes audio reproduction to a new level of perfection.

The Emerson ANALOG features a built-in digital-to-analog converter and it connects with standard analog audio inputs.

The Emerson DIGITAL is a user-friendly, high-end network bridge with a AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs to connect to any DAC.

All Wattson Audio products are Roon Ready and Audirvāna certified and offer Tidal Connect connectivity.


Gold Note offers three digital sources.  They are the DS-1000 MK II DAC, The DS-10 Streaming DAC, and the CD-1000 MKII CD player.

The DS-1000 MK II is the best D/A Converter Gold Note has ever made and delivers top audiophile sound.  The DS-1000 MK II features Network Player functions and offers high-resolution digital inputs to convert native PCM audio files up to 24bit/192kHz via S/PDIF coaxial and TOS-Optical inputs. It’s also equipped with one USB host input to convert PCM audio files and DSD 64/128/256. Besides, DS-1000 MK II also offers streaming features to use high-resolution online music servers (TIDAL, QOBUZ) and even browse digital radio stations playing via LAN and Wi-Fi and reading audio files directly from USB keys and hard disks through the USB-A ports.

The CD-1000 MK II is one of the top musical and versatile high-end CD players available today. Housed in a beautiful brushed aluminium chassis, it integrates the digital stage and analogue stage into one, elegant source. You can play your CD disc collection, stream music from the computer through the USB port, or connect a TV or DVD-Player via the coax or optical digital inputs.  The CD-1000 MK II recreates natural, detailed, and powerful sound and can be easily integrated into any high-end stereo system. It features a top-class 24bit/192kHz high-resolution D/A converter with S/PDIF coaxial and TOS optical digital inputs to get the best out of your system. The CD-1000 MK II features a digital volume control stage to drive power amplifiers or active speakers directly.

The DS-10 MK II is a versatile state-of-the-art streaming DAC, designed for the contemporary audiophile. It features a new generation D/A Converter, UPnP-DLNA Streamer, Line Preamplifier and Headphone Amplifier. It combines its extended connectivity features with the exceptional high-resolution of the Bluetooth 5.0 – for the first time ever on a High-End audio product – and the headphone doubles the power GAIN output.  The DS-10 is also equipped with an analogue input to become a complete preamplifier for analogue and digital sources, both the analogue line input and the preamp stage operate in a fully analogue way to preserve the purest audio quality.

The DS-10 MK II is a Roon Ready device. Stream through Roon, Airplay, Tidal, MQA, Qobuz, Spotify, vTuner and Deezer or access your collection of digital music stored locally on a NAS or a USB flash drive.


Luxman presently offers three all in one digital players and two DACs. The digital players are the D-10X, D03X and the D-380. Luxman’s two DACs are the DA-250 and the DA-150.  All are superb products with the usual Luxman attention to engineering, top construction quality, aesthetics, and of course, top class sound. Luxman’s digital products sell at various price points which makes ownership possible for almost all audiophiles who would like to have a most musical Luxman digital front end.



Unison Research has an outstanding flagship digital player / DAC named the CD Due. The CD Due combines a high-level DAC with a top end CD mechanism. This is a state-of-the art machine that is feature rich, flexible and customizable to the listener’s preference.

A variety of external sources can be connected to the Unico CD Due, including a laptop or computer for playing all known audio formats – including DSD Audio – via USB.  Digital inputs include USB 2; S/PDIF; AES/EBU; Toslink; and Bluetooth Receiver. There are also a full variety of digital outputs and the analog outputs include both RCA and XLR types. The output stage features a double triode, pure Class A differential topology with four 12AX7 tubes. The DAC section features the latest high performance Sabre ES9018K2M with jitter eliminator.

Unison Research also offers the CD Uno.  The CDUno is a high-specification DAC with integrated CD mechanism that boasts a wide variety of inputs and outputs. The audio stage uses one 12AU7//ECC82 double triode, operating in pure class A, followed by a solid state discrete buffer still operating in class A for a low impedance output and ideal audio behavior.

Unison’s third model is the Primo which is a CD player with great sound quality and great flexibility. The CD Primo presents an attractive style that is distinctive, with a brushed aluminum faceplate. USB capabilities transport this solid product well into the future.


Lector has been building cd players since the early 1980s – over 30 years. Their range of CD players, DACs and transports incorporate many unique design features and technical innovations. For example, in 1989, Lector was the first manufacturer ever to introduce a Class A tubed output stage in a CD player.

Presently, Lector manufactures two different CD players, four different DACs and a reference quality digital transport. The lineup begins with the CDP 603 CD player. This may be Lector’s entry level product but you sure wouldn’t know it by the sound being delivered. Big, Bold and Fast with the typical “ Lector “ tonal density. The CDP 603 is a very solidly built machine and comes in at around 25lbs. It features a new laser CD mechanism for ultra-high readability / lowest error rates, 32 bit / 192K hi-resolution micro-processor, pure class A tube output section and a new heavy duty resonance optimized chassis. If you have a substantial CD collection but do not want to invest too much money in a new player, the CDP 603 is highly recommended.

As you go up the Lector line, you get obvious performance increases across the board. The CDP 707 with Super Power Supply is amazing! Then you go to the outstanding Digitube and Digicode DAC models offering high performance Burr Brown or AKM DACs. Depending on the DAC model, the full range of digital inputs such as SPDIF, AES-EBU and USB is provided to accept your high res. data. If you want the best CD sound with a Lector DAC, you can add the latest version of the Digidrive transport.