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CODA Technologies has been building world class solid state amplifiers in California since 1985.

The company builds state of the art amplifiers, preamplifiers and phono stages.  All products are hand built in Sacramento, California and even their chassis machining and finishing is done there. Coda has recently introduced a number of new models such as their No. 8 and No. 16 stereo amplifiers both of which have received numerous rave reviews by the press worldwide. Existing product models have also been fully updated with advanced semiconductors and the latest circuit refinements.

All Coda products have a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.


CODA Technologies offers a range of outstanding power amplifiers. From the S5.5 Class A Stereo Amplifier offering 50W per channel to the remarkable No. 61 Mono Amplifiers providing 500 Watts of pure undistorted power, there is a Coda amplifier perfect for your needs.

Other models include the Coda S20 Amplifier at 200W per channel; the No.16 Class A Stereo Amplifier providing 150W;  the Coda 41 Stereo Amplifier providing 400W per channel and the specialized S150 / S250 System Amplifiers providing 150W/250W with separate voltage and current amplifiers operating within a Precision Bias Class A topology.

Within Coda’s Continuum Series, there are three amplifier models. The first is the No. 8 Stereo Amplifier which is available in three versions offering up to 400 watts of power with the first 8 watts in Class A.  The second model is the Coda CSiB Integrated Amplifier which combines a No.8 Stereo Amplifier and a preamplifier section derived from the Coda 07X design to provide “separates“ type performance in a single chassis. The third model is the Coda No.8M Mono Amplifier which is essentially a No. 8 Amplifier in mono version offering up to 800 watts of power (two versions are available).

CODA amplifier chassis are constructed from heavy-gauge aluminum and steel. The machining is all done in California to the highest precision standards.  All exterior metal parts are flawlessly finished and are anodized or powder coated for long term durability.

Audio input and output connector contacts are gold-plated, and XLR receptacles are manufactured by Neutrik of Switzerland. Wire is used as little as possible in the signal path – only to connect the RCA jacks and speaker terminals to the circuit board – and what is used is 141-strand silver-plated copper with silicone insulation. All internal construction is hand soldered discrete components. You will not find any surface mount components in any Coda product.


CODA Technologies offers two outstanding preamplifiers as well as a dedicated state-of-the-art phono stage.

The reference and flagship line stage model is the Coda 07x FET Preamplifier which is in its fourth generation. This is a sophisticated and highly refined design which offers top reference class performance – all the way. The 07X is a no-feedback, wide bandwidth design which incorporates special gold plated circuit boards and a fully regulatged power supply as well as AC – EMI and RF filtration.

The Coda Continuum CP Preamp is a state-of-the-art remote controlled device that provides outstanding performance in an affordable, hand-crafted package. The Coda CP preamplifier is also a zero feedback wide bandwidth design that utilizes a regulated supply with full EMI and RFI filtering. The CP preamp also includes an excellent internal phono stage.

The Coda 06X Phono Preamplifier is a reference class phono stage that offers fully adjustable gain, impedance and capacitance settings. The latest version of the 06X utilizes new high performance FETs with superb audio characteristics. The 06X operates in a differential balanced configuration which provides outstanding rejection of unwanted noise and stray RF signals. All circuitry operates in Class A without feedback and the signal path avoids any use of coupling capacitors. The 06X employs an independently regulated power supply with a shielded toroidal transformer and 25,000uF of supply capacitance. Both balanced and single ended inputs / outputs are provided.