Solid State Amplifiers


Coda Technologies has been building world class solid state amplifiers in California since 1985.

The company builds state of the art amplifiers, preamplifiers and phono stages.  All products are hand built in Sacramento, California and even their chassis machining and finishing  is done there.  Coda has recently introduced a number of new models such as their No. 8 and No. 16 stereo amplifiers both of which have received numerous rave reviews by the press worldwide.  Existing product models have also been fully updated with advanced semiconductors and other circuit refinements. At Hi Fi Art we sell the full range of Coda products. Coda amplifiers not only compete with products double their price and more – in many cases a Coda amp will beat those super high priced brands!  We know as we’ve done some comparisons here.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss a Coda product with you.



At Hi Fi Art we offer the full range of Luxman products for our customers. The history of  Luxman began in 1925 which makes it the oldest and arguably the most famous Japanese high end audio manufacturer in existence. Luxman has gained a worldwide reputation for producing components of outstanding sonic performance with extreme quality and a fit and finish which sets the standard in the industry.

Naturally and purely reproduced music resonates with the listener’s imagination. Luxman is led by this effect in its product development and strives to bring the listener the experience of unlimited, pure music. Luxman makes beautiful products that make pure and beautiful music.



Circle Labs products are the outcome of 25 years of research, careful design and passion to create the perfect sound amplification system. The objective from the start was to reproduce sound which would bring the full experience of music to the listener without losing any of its charm, harmony or elegance.

Circle Labs is a Krakow based company founded in 2007 by Krzysztof Wilczyński, also the brand’s designer and constructor.

It was Mr. Wilczyński’s passion for music and quest for top sound reproduction that led him to building his first amplifiers in the late 90s. He developed unique amplification concepts through the years culminating with the amazing Circle Power amplification circuit in 2013. With continued development to the present day, the company now produces three state-of-the-art products. These are the A200 integrated amplifier, the M200 stereo amplifier and the P300 preamplifier. The A200 and M200 amplifiers
are unique hybrid designs incorporating two long life tubes for the voltage gain stage of the amplifiers and high current bi-polar transistors for the output stages. The P300 is a state-of-the-art preamplifier utilizing a fully discrete balanced circuit from input to output. Sound quality is absolutely superb combining the best of what tubes and solid state have to offer.

Aesthetics and build quality of all Circle Labs products is absolutely top class and done to perfection. In a short time span the company has received numerous outstanding reviews, awards and world wide recognition for its amazing products.

Circle Labs products are a Hi Fi Art favourite and are highly recommended!!


Norma Audio was founded by Enrico Rossi and is based in Cremona, Italy, a place where music has always played an important role. Cremona is the home of Monteverdi, Ponchielli, Stradivari, Amati and many other artists. For more than 30 years Norma has been involved in the study and implementation of sophisticated audio amplifiers. Technical skill and musical sensitivity are merged together, in the same way in which the best musical instruments are made. Listening to a Norma product will bring you closer than ever to live listening. The sound of Enrico Rossi’s products is unique. Norma represents a synthesis of parameters which often conflict with each other. Dynamics, speed, and absolute transparency are combined with extraordinary musicality and a total lack of listening fatigue. Norma amplifiers are reference class products at the highest level.



Clayton Audio is a St. Louis based company dedicated to producing reference quality amplification for those who value the palpability and elegance of natural, live sound. To that end, the company only makes class A amplifiers of reference quality. The amplifiers are the creation of Wilson Shen, a former IBM design engineer who wanted to bring some of his expertise to the field of audio. All Clayton amplifiers use precision matched Motorola semiconductors of the highest specification. All Clayton amplifiers are still hand built one by one by Wilson Shen. That’s the design and construction expertise you are getting when you purchase a Clayton amp.

All Clayton amplifiers are conservatively rated and have enormous current reserves to drive any speaker load with aplomb. They will double their power output into 4 ohms and increase further down to 1 ohm with complete stability. Carefully selected audiophile grade parts are used throughout, including the finest audiophile wiring, glass circuit boards with solid silver traces ( unheard of in audio applications ) and capacitors from Sprague, as well as binding posts and RCA inputs from WBT. All components are discrete and hand soldered. You will never find any surface mount components in a Clayton Audio product! Clayton amplifiers are designed to handle difficult loads in a manner that has all the traditional strengths of solid-state — bass control, power, current delivery, wide frequency response — while producing a refined, totally grainless sound with outstanding depth and imaging that recalls — without seeking to imitate — the best tube equipment.