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The Veloce LS-1 Line Stage is an ultimate reference grade preamplifier.  Its sound is special.  It is ultra detailed, ultra transparent, ultra liquid, very dynamic and superbly musical all at the same time.  The LS-1 has been has been in its Lithio Series form for about 3 years now.  Recently ( June, 2016 ) a new power supply was made available due to the recent introduction of new ultra low internal impedance battery technology.  This has made a very significant further improvement to an already amazing line stage.

 In the words of Harry Pearson, founder of The Absolute Sound:   “The LS-1 may be the most nearly flawless piece of audio equipment in our present-day reference systems. It is devoid of the sonic signatures and colorations of all the other line stage devices I have ever tested. It is, essentially, the least colored, or, read that as, the most transparent piece of electronic gear in our present-day chain of reference gear.” The Veloce LS-1  has also been a critical part of many “best of show” systems over the last few years.

The Veloce LS-1 is a two box design with charger and supply separated from the all important main unit by a detachable umbilical cord. The main unit houses all tube circuits and the batteries. All panels on the unit save the top and bottom clamshell are made from machined and stress relieved 6061 aircraft aluminum.  Challenging design goals yields a play time of over 150 hours! Bespoke build quality lends a timeless air and collectors feel to a product that will stand the test of time.