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Unison Research


Unison Research

Unison Research offers an extensive range of tube and hybrid amplifiers which are manufactured at their factory in Treviso, Italy. Audio enthusiasts worldwide have admired Unison Research over the last 25 years. From the beginning, the company’s goal has always been to convey pleasure by listening to music. Indeed, it takes real passion to create products that provide the gift of timeless pleasure.

All Unison Research products are characterized by an elegant style, and the care with which wood and metal parts are selected for each design. It’s a quality that is recognized and appreciated around the globe. The company firmly believes that a system of high-fidelity music reproduction should not only be a pleasure to hear, but to see as well. The Unison sound can be characterized as big and spacious — enveloping with a lot of detail, warmth and the utmost musicality.

Unison Research was founded in 1987 by a group of passionate audiophiles led by Professor Giovanni Maria Sacchetti. Born in 1945, Giovanni Maria Sacchetti devoted himself at an early age to the study and design of hi-fi systems, combining his interest in electronics with a passion for music inherited from his father, an expert pianist. After completing his studies in electronics, he devoted 25 years to teaching while at the same time designing and developing amplifiers for Unison Rsearch.

The first integrated amplifier he designed for Unison Research was the TRIODE 20. Its successor, the SIMPLY TWO, was a key step forward in the company’s history—this legendary amplifier was instrumental in achieving great international success for Unison Research in a relatively short time. The present successor to the SIMPLY TWO is the SIMPLY ITALY, a really excellent 12 watt integrated tube amplifier with outstanding musicality. Unison Research offers a very wide range of amplifiers – both solid state and tube models that will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.

Unison Research is now recognized as a leading European producer of fine tube amplifiers providing outstanding musicality.