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Unison Research

Unison Research has just introduced an outstanding new flagship digital player / DAC named the CD Due. Unison Research, who has years of experience producing a most musical line of CD players, has put all of their expertise into this versatile new device. The CD Due combines a high-level DAC with a top end CD mechanism. This is a state-of-the art machine that is feature rich, flexible and customizable to the listener’s preference.

A variety of external sources can be connected to the Unico CD Due, including a laptop or computer for playing all known audio formats – including DSD Audio – via USB. Digital inputs include USB 2; S/PDIF; AES/EBU; Toslink; and Bluetooth Receiver. There are also a full variety of digital outputs and the analog outputs include both RCA and XLR types. The output stage features a double triode, pure Class A differential topology with four 12AX7 tubes. The DAC section features the latest high performance Sabre ES9018K2M with jitter eliminator.

The CD Due is purpose-designed to separate the digital and the analogue portions of the circuitry and the DAC portion has carefully managed filtered power distribution. The DAC chip boasts a “jitter eliminator” design with a signal-to-noise ratio of 128dB and distortion of 0.0003%. The Unico CD Due makes controlling all its features easy via the supplied RC2 system remote and its 128×64 OLED screen. With three switchable filters and even the option to bypass the valves with a “solid-state” output buffer – the CD Due can suit any high-end system or sound preference.

The CD Due is the successor to Unison Research’s critically acclaimed CDE. What sets the CD Due apart from its competitors is not just its feature set but its rich, enveloping sound, much of which is due to the special noise cancelling valve output section. If you want one digital machine that does it all and provides reference quality sound, this is it.

We are pleased to offer outstanding pricing on the CD Due.