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Transrotor is Germany’s oldest turntable manufacturer. The company was started by Jochen Rake in the early 1970s and has been building absolutely top class turntables with the highest levels of German engineering for over 40 years. Transrotor turntables are visual and sonic materpieces in every sense. Best of all, we are able to offer prices that are way lower than what this world class line of turntables sells for in the US.

With the exception of a few related anologue products, manufacturing turntables is all Transrotor does. In that regard, the company has undertaken as its corporate mission to build the finest turntables in the world. Each Transrotor turntable is a hand made work of high precision as well as a piece of visual art. The end result is a high performance machine that plays a vinyl record with extreme clarity and the utmost musicality. Play your favourite record back on a Transrotor turntable and you’ll immediately hear why so many experienced listeners still prefer vinyl to even the most sophisticated digital systems.

Mr. Rake, who is a mechanical engineer by profession, has introduced and incorporated many innovative technologies in Transrotor turntables through the years. For example, Transrotor was the very first company to introduce a magnetic drive (TMD) whereby a magnetic clutch transfers torque to the platter without being directly coupled to it. A few years later, he introduced an even more sophisticated magnetic decoupling system known as the Free Magnetic Drive ( FMD ) that totally mechanically separates the drive section from the platter. The end result is that drive system and bearing induced noise fall to unmeasurable levels. Innovations such as these are amongst the reasons why Transrotor turntables are known as being so very quiet.

One of the models we really like is the Dark Star. It has recently been reviewed and rated “ Outstanding “ by a well known audiophile magazine. It received 105 reference points which is unheard of at its price point and is usually reserved for reference turntables costing triple that amount. The Fat Bob S is another outstanding model. This turntable looks as beautiful as it sounds, it has a small footprint, it’s very solid with excellent immunity from acoustic feedback, and it’s price point is excellent. It is a reference level turntable in every sense.
We are pleased to offer outstanding pricing on Transrotor turntables. Give me a call any time to discuss your requirements or if you have a question.