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One of the products that Thoress is quickly becoming famous for is its Parametric Phono Enhancer. In a short period of time, the Phono Enhancer has received critical acclaim from analogue enthusiasts and experts around the world. As with other Thoress products, the Phono Enhancer is hand built by Reinhard Thoress himself. That means each unit is meticulously constructed with point-to-point wiring throughout and is built to last a lifetime.
In Europe in particular, Reinhard Thoress is regarded as one of the very top designers building analog electronics. In our own evaluations, we have found the Phono Enhancer to elevate vinyl to an absolutely stunning level. It is our reference phono stage.

The Phono Enhancer will allow you to hear much more deeply into the grooves of any kind of record than a common phono preamplifier restricted to RIAA deemphasis, and optimum tonal balance and “good sound” may be restored even to poorly mastered or manufactured discs. The Enhancer features specialized tone controls to shape the playback deemphasis curve itself, within wide limits, and without conventional tone control circuitry. These tone control facilities have a much stronger impact to the sonic reproduction than the simple phono deemphasis curve options provided in other phono stages. Of course, another outstanding benefit they provide is that you can absolutely optimize any phono cartridge to achieve its best playback capability.

Thanks to an outstanding circuit topology, amplification
of the phono signal is purely active without the aid of a step-up transformer on any input of any version. Nonetheless, the Enhancer offers an extraordinary signal-to-noise ratio, despite the built-in power transformer which is produced in-house to the highest possible
standard. Even the slightest residual transformer vibrations are prevented from reaching sensitive parts of the amplifier due to the mechanical decoupling of the unit from the case.
The Phono Enhancer is available in a number of different versions and will optimize the playback of any cartrdige and analog system to the highest level.