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Thoress is a German company headed by Reinhard Thoress who hand builds all products. Presently, the company offers 300B power amplifiers, 845 power amplifiers, an F2A11 integrated amplifier and the new EHT single-ended hybrid amplifier. Thoress amplifiers are reference quality products whose sound can be described as vivid, detailed, liquid and dynamic all at the same time.

Reinhard Thoress has perfected these tube designs over many years and his products are in great demand by enthusiasts the world over. The number of pieces produced annually is small and production is sold quickly. There is a waiting period for Thoress products but delivery times are certainly within reason considering the fine hand built nature of the product.

The degree of attention paid to design / implementation and construction of Thoress amplifiers is extreme. The construction is point to point hard wiring with hand soldering. The internal layout is meticulous with every detail of the internal construction having received careful consideration to ensure reliability and ease of service. No PCBs in any Thoress products – only hard wiring.

Reinhard Thoress is also a master transformer designer and craftsman. Therefore, all mains transformers, output transformers and filter chokes are produced in-house to ensure the highest performance. The output transformers feature tape wound cut cores ( C-Cores ) and allow for precise matching of 4, 8 or 16 ohm load impedance to the power tube by way of jumpers soldered to the secondary terminals. The design and special winding techniques result in a very wide bandwidth and the amplifiers also produce a very open, vivid, and unrestricted sound with an exceptionally solid bass articulation.