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TANNOY is one of the oldest and most respected loudspeaker brands in the world. In homes, and in professional recording studios, TANNOY is the brand of choice when sound quality is critical. Over its illustrious history, TANNOY has strived to offer reference level products in every loudspeaker category, with many models hailed by reviewers and industry professionals alike as defining the state of the art at the time.
At Hi Fi Art, we have been Tannoy enthusiasts for over 25 years. After attending various hi fi shows through the years and evaluating numerous high end loudspeakers employing various technologies, several models of Tannoy remain as personal favourites of mine. For my listening tastes I’m finding they just can’t be beat. When it comes to presenting music in a captivating and exciting way where you want to listen for hours, a good Tannoy just does it with ease.
For audiophiles and music-lovers around the globe, TANNOY’s residential loudspeakers have a following second to none. The design ethos has remained unchanged since TANNOY was founded, to produce loudspeakers that communicate the full emotion of the music with articulation, accuracy and coherence irrespective of the genre of music. TANNOY’s famous Dual Concentric driver technology has become highly regarded the world over for its power, timing and point-source accuracy. The result is a legacy of products that have led the field of loudspeaker design for many decades and continue to innovate and lead to this day.

Modern technology and materials have seen Tannoy’s dual concentric driver evolve into a cutting-edge transducer capable of staggering accuracy and dynamic range, extremely low colouration and a bandwidth that can extend from below 20 Hz to over 35 kHz in TANNOY’s flagship loudspeaker. To this day the DC driver’s outstanding musical imaging and ability to communicate with the listener is unlike any other multiple-driver system presently available.

Today’s line up of Dual Concentric drivers spans a wide range of sizes, prices and technical abilities that allows almost everyone to own and enjoy their musical performance. From the smallest 100 mm (4 inch) Dual Concentric driver in the affordable and compact Revolution DC4 stand-mount loudspeaker right up to the enormous 380 mm (15 inch) Dual in the Westminster Royal Gold Reference, the Dual Concentric driver defines TANNOY’s acoustic engineering expertise and excellence.