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As a cost effective cable line providing great performance, we supply the Gen II and Gen II SE product lines of Soundstring Cable.   Unlike almost all other cable companies, Soundstring is an actual cable manufacturer in the truest sense of the word.  They  start with the actual base raw material – copper, extrude it, and do everything else required in house at their factory in Norwalk, Connecticut to produce a most cost effective and sonically excellent line of cables.

Soundstring products are the result of years spent in the research and development of new cable designs that form an “evolutionary pathway of least resistance” in signal and frequency transfer and voltage control. Soundstring holds several patents for high performance power supply, audio and interconnect cables and the very first patented “Ultra Low Mass” RCA plug.

Over the past 15 years, Soundstring has been very favourably reviewed by many well known and respected high-end audio journalists from on-line and printed audiophile publications, both nationally and internationally.  They have received numerous awards such as  “ Most Wanted Component “  from Stereo Times, and Best Product of the Year from Positive-Feedback On-line.  If you want a very cost effective cable that will definitely make a difference to your sound, Soundstring will be a top choice.