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Lector Audio is an Italian company that manufactures a range of solid state and
hybrid power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers. The company’s products provide outstanding performance especially in consideration of their cost which is very reasonable.Lector Audio was formed in Albuzzano, Italy in 1982 by Claudio Romagnoli. Mr. Romagnoli is a skilled electronics designer who also holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. His passion for high end audio along with his design expertise has allowed him to devolop and bring to market numerous ground breaking products through the years. In fact, some of the technologies have been so unique that Lector holds patents on several.

While Lector is still not so well known in North America, a number of their products have reached cult status in Europe. Even experienced audiophiles which could afford to pay much more choose Lector because they are after the “ Lector “ sound. What is the Lector sound? It can be characterized by a dense tonal saturation, it is a very fast sound with excellent dynamics, there is a large, highly detailed and dimensional soundstage which flows right into the room and the sense of solidity and “ prat “ is outstanding.

There are a number of amplifier models to choose from several of which are hybrid designs — a tubed front end driving a transistor output stage. Lector was one of the first companies to use hybrid technology for amplifiers and have been developing this concept since the early 80s.