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The outstanding Lector Phono Amp System is a complete RIAA tubed phono preamplifier for mm and mc cartridges. It operates in pure Class A without any global or local feedback and utilizes an outboard power supply for the absolute lowest noise operation. The circuitry utilizes five tubes — two tubes ( ECC88 / 6922 ) for moving coil cartridges, two ECC81 / 12AT7 tubes for moving magnet pick-ups and one ECC81 / 12AT7 for output as a cathode follower. Four pairs of loading plugs are supplied to optimize the resistance for your mc cartridge. This system is a highly evolved phono preamplifier and is now in its Mark 3 version.

To put things in perspective, a fairly recent Hi-Fi News review rated the Phono Amp System very highly. The reviewer said “ With the Lector, lowering the stylus at the start of 461 Ocean Boulevard seemed just like turning on a tap, as the power and energy of ‘ Motherless Children ‘ came rushing out of the speakers… “ That reviewer went on with many other highly complementary comments. The final result of the review was a sound quality rating of 85 percent. That is outstanding and puts the Lector in the reference level category. And that rating was for the older Mark II version – not the current Mark III version which provides a substantial sonic upgrade!
Now get this. As a point of comparison, Hi-Fi News also recently reviewed the British Tron Seven GT phono stage. This is an ultimate level phono preamp costing around $20,000. The reviewer found its sound very impressive and liked it a lot. He assigned a sound quality rating of 86 percent. So the reference Tron at a price point about five times higher than the Lector achieves only one point higher in the sound quality rating! That means that according to their review and their rating system, these two phono stages are on a similar level of sonic excellence. Enough said!

While reviews are nice, we don’t really need them to tell us how outstanding this Lector Phono Preamp is. We have evaluated the Phono Amp System here and are blown away by how it makes vinyl come to life. Big, Bold, Detailed and Smooth all at the same time. For a tubed phono preamp. at a reasonable price, the Lector is our number one choice by a mile!