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Lector Audio offers three different tube pre-amplifiers.  They are the ZOR, the ZOE and a new reference version of the ZOE known as the ZOE Concept Studio.  We presently have the Concept Studio in one of our reference systems and confirm it is a stunner!

The Lector ZOR model is a pure Class A vacuum tube stereo control amplifier free of any solid state components on the signal path.  It has very low power supply noise, no overall feedback, five line inputs, main output and HT optional bypass module. It has a special in-house designed power transformer with noise cancelling technology, premium grade output capacitors made in Italy, cathode driven gain circuits by proprietary technology and output gain that is selectable from 11-14-16-17-18-20-21-22 db.  Includes remote control handset.  The price point is outstanding – nothing comes close to the ZOR’s performance at this price point.

The ZOE preamplifier is an all tube, class A design that features an innovative power supply based on a parallel / shunt voltage regulator circuit.  No active devices are in series with the power supply path – just passive components as premium quality resistors that provide the voltage drop while an active device sinks current in order to keep a stable output voltage.

This new concept offers a virtual zero ohm energy ( ZOE ) output to the tubes within a zero feedback design. The result is remarkable performance without the typical effect on overall sound quality imposed by series or pass regulators often plagued with high impedance output and/or strong negative feedback.

The ZOE also has a SATC circuit ( Self Adjusting Tube Circuitry ) to allow the use of a variety of twin triodes such as 12AT7 / 12AU7 / 6922 / 6CG7 /12BH7 / ECC802S to suit the end user’s taste.  The standard tubes that come with the unit are 6922 types.

Sonic performance delivers pure enjoyment.   Thanks to the new shunt regulator, Lector has virtually cancelled any trace of the power supply added sound. What you hear is just the sound of your favourite tubes operating with exceptional linearity in a class A gain stage.

The ZOE Concept Studio is the ZOE in an ultimate reference package.  The following are the major differences:

*  A very high grade custom TKD volume control has been used in place of the Alps one in  the standard ZOE.  It is based on a ladder circuit to provide constant impedance.

*  The Concept Studio has a separate power supply with  a much larger transformer in an outboard enclosure.  This provides for an even better signal / noise ratio.

*  The use of ultra high grade film and foil caps on signal path – just one for the output.

*  Different circuit boards with better optimized layout due to movement of the power supply into a separate enclosure.

*  Enhanced and greater precision parts throughout.

As good as the ZOE is, the Concept Studio takes things to another level.  It is one of our reference preamplifiers.