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Lector has been building cd players since the early 1980s – over 30 years. Their range of CD players, DACs and transports incorporate many unique design features and technical innovations. For example, in 1989, Lector was the first manufacturer ever to introduce a Class A tubed output stage in a CD player. After evealuating many different digital products over the past 20 years, I can tell you that Lector is simply the most natural and organic sound I have ever come across with digital. It is my top choice for digital.

Presently, Lector manufactures two different CD players, four different DACs and a reference quality digital transport. The lineup begins with the CDP 603 CD player. This may be Lector’s entry level product but you sure wouldn’t know it by the sound being delivered. Big, Bold and Fast with the typical “ Lector “ tonal density. The CDP 603 is a very solidly built machine and comes in at around 25lbs. It features a new lazer CD mechanism for ultra high readability / lowest error rates, 32 bit / 192K hi-resolution micro processor, pure class A tube output section and a new heavy duty resonance optimized chassis. If you have a substantial CD collection but do not want to invest too much money in a new player, the CDP is highly recommended. We presently have a 603 in one of our demo systems and are most impressed.

As you go up the Lector line, you get obvious performance increases across the board. Our current digital reference is the CDP 707 with Super Power Supply. Simply amazing! Then you go to the outstanding Digitube and Digicode DAC models offering high performance Burr Brown or AKM DACs. Depending on the DAC model, the full range of digital inputs such as Spdif, AES-EBU and USB is provided to accept your high res. data. If you want the best CD sound with a Lector DAC, you can add the latest version of the Digidrive transport which will make some of your red book CDs destroy high res downloads – seriously!

We have sold digital set-ups exceeding $25,000 and have direct experience with many other high priced digital products as well. I can honestly say that when it comes to digital, Lector gives you the best sound I know of for thousands less than other brands which don’t come close sonically.