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Gold Note


Gold Note

Gold Note is an Italian company that has been in business for many years. They build a complete range of analogue products including turntables, tonearms, cartridges and phono stages. Their product range goes from more basic high quality models to absolute reference level analogue equipment of the highest quality. Unlike many manufacturers these days, they build everything in-house at their factory in Florence, Italy.

Gold Note has seven turntables in their lineup going from the cost effective yet high quality Valore model right up to the top reference Bellagio Black King model. Their intermediate models are the Giglio and Mediterraneo turntables both of which have a similar elegant design and represent one of the most beautiful designs in turntables world wide period. We have the Giglio turntable with B-5.1 tonearm and Dynavector 17D3 cartridge on demonstration in our studio and it is really something! A fast, dynamic and tonally dense sound that is warm yet filled with so much life and detail. And the curved Italian walnut plinth makes this turntable a real beauty. For not too much money, this turntable set-up makes you totally forget about computer audio. You’ll just want to play more and more records!

Both the Giglio and Mediterraneo feature a curved solid Italian plinth laminated to a 3mm stainless steel plate which is then bonded to a 20mm polished black acrylic top plate. This carefully designed differential material construction provides extreme rigidity and totally eliminates resonances. As a bonus, this construction also provides an absolutely elegant and striking look.

Other design highlights of these two popular models include an advanced PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation ) power supply which elimites motor resistance and vibrations; A High Mass Dead Platter made of thick Sustarin to guarantee stable rotational stability and vibration immunity and a High Precision Platter Bearing / Spindle featuring 80mm long platter bearing with the best coupling tolerance on the market to guarantee the smoothest platter rotation possible. Gold Note provides a very nice package with the Giglio and Mediterraneo which includes their excellent B5.1 tonearm and a beautiful plexi-glass dust cover already set up.