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Gold Note manufactures two high quality tonearms.  They are the B-5.1  and the B-7

Ceramic which are both gimballed ball bearing types.  The B-5.1 is made with precisely machined 6000 grade aluminum which enables the best damping and vibration feedback control.  The B-7 Ceramic is a top class exclusive model that features a Titanium arm wand made in six different machined thickness sections to enhance the resonance control capability.

The B-7 Ceramic features four custom high precision micro ceramic ball bearings manufactured by GRW-Germany.  The extreme precision and ceramic material these bearings are constructed from results in ultra smooth and very low noise operation to ensure the finest musical details are beautifully reproduced.  The vertical bearings are pivoted through custom stainless steel threaded bots finely adjusted, while the horizontal movement is driven by two micro ball bearings directly inserted in the main rectified pivot of the arm.

The tonearm features a double counterweight to set up most phono cartridges up to 15 grams.  Optionally, extra counterweights are available to handle cartridges with even higher mass.  The B-7 Ceramic has an effective length of 223mm with 12mm overhang so this tonearm can be installed in virtually any turntable on the market.

In overall design and dimensions,  the B-5.1 is very similar to the B-7.  Essentially, there are two main differences between these two arms.  As already mentioned, the B-5.1 has an arm tube made of 6000 alloy aluminum compared to the multi section Titanium one the B-7 has.  Also, the bearings in the B-5.1 are high precision stainless steel as opposed to the precision ceramic ones in the B-7.

These two tonearms are like Ferraris.  They perform!  I really like both of them a lot.  To summarize, they are straight forward designs without unnecessary dials, levers and other gizmos. Construction is of a very high quality, they are practical and easy to use, and they play vinyl superbly well.  A big, fast and dynamic sound.  Best of all, these tonearms  are priced very very reasonably for the excellent  performance you get.

We currently have on demo a B-5.1 with a Dynavector Karat operating with a Giglio turntable.  Sound is absolutely fantastic!