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Gold Note has manufactured a comprehensive range of excellent quality phono cartridges for years.  The three main ranges of their cartridges are the Tuscany series

which is their top range, then the Machieavelli series which is their cost effective middle range, and then there’s a brand new series called Donatello which offers outstanding performance at a low price point.  As with the Gold Note electronics and all of their other products, you get really superb performance and quality for any given price point.

The new Donatello range features a sophisticated computer designed body made of machined aluminum.  Weighing only 7 grams, it’s perfectly damped to help the cantilever achieve the best tracking.  The ultra rigid cantilever features a precision diamond developed in conjunction with Adamant-Namiki and was designed for top audio performance.  These cartridges have  “ easy “  impedances so they will easily drive  your phono stage.

The Machiavelli range is Gold Note’s best high output MC effort to date.  Both the Gold and Red models produce a very Big, Solid and Encompassing sound.  The Red version has a high precision Micro Elliptical diamond and the Gold model has a precision Line Contact Stylus. These cartridges also feature easy internal impedances and high gain to enable great sound performances and they have light, rigid bodies to achieve superb vibration control.

The Tuscanny cartridges  are  Gold Note’s “ ultra “  performance pick-ups.  They are at a comparable level of performance to the very best Lyras, Transfiguration and ZYX cartridges.  I think that in specific ways, the sound of a Gold Note cartridge is more musical than some of those  “ hyper-detailed “  sounding cartridges.  I find that when you really listen, all the details are there with a Gold Note pick-up but they are presented in a more integrated and musical way.  The Tuscany cartridges feature extra thin Micro Ridge diamonds for the best deep groove tracing.  These cartridges also receive other exotic features such as silver coil wire, a boron / titanium cantilever,  and injection of special fluid polymers into the ultra rigid 7050 alloy body.   Both Tuscanny models represent the absolute state-of-the-art in what is achieveable in a reference phono cartridge these days.