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Gold Note


Gold Note

Gold Note of Italy has been making superbly musical transistorized phono stages for years.  The sound is Big, Bold, Vivid and Smooth.  We like it a lot!  Through the years I have tried out a lot of different solid state phono sections and I simply find that for a given price point, Gold Note just gives you way more musicality and sound quality.

Our current solid state reference phono stage is the Gold Note PH-11.  It is the very best solid state phono stage I’ve ever tried and a top reference class performer regardless of whatever technology in phono stages you compare it to.  Plenty of gain, superbly quiet,  superbly musical and so exciting to listen to!

What’s also really exciting is the new Gold Note PH-1 which replaces the PH-7 and which offers a step up in sound compared to that previous model.  And get this – It’s less money than the PH-7 was!  For around $800, you get a really excellent phono stage whose musicality will delight you.  It is seriously good!  At its price point and considerably higher, there’s no solid state unit that can touch it.  It is a true high performance MM and MC phono preamp  featuring Gold Note’s latest Ultra Linear power supply.  Its design allows the matching of any type of cartridge with ease.  The PH-1 is compact, easy to use and also features true balanced output connectors in addition to the RCAs.

As good as the PH-1 is in stock form, there’s even more performance available…      Considerably more… Gold Note also offers its Super External Power Supply, the PSU-1.  This high performance inductive power supply elevates the PH-1’s performance very significantly.  For a cost of around $900, you now have a phono amp system for a total cost of around $1,700 which will perform way better and be way more musical than many of the commonly reviewed big name transistorized phono stages costing way more money.  If you’re in the market for an excellent yet cost effective solid state phono stage, we really suggest this Gold Note model very strongly!