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Dynavector cartridges are of superb quality and can be characterized in general terms as a cartridge that provides a very balanced sound.  They are clear, transparent and have excellent solidity and body in the bass.  The timing and dynamics of this cartridge brand is very good as well and I would definitely characterize Dynavector as an exciting cartridge to listen to.

Dynavector was founded in 1975 and has deservedly gained a a strong following amongst audiophiles.  The company has introduced many significant innovations through the years.  Their coils are made with extremely fine wire to provide a higher output to mass ratio and with their flux damping system and softened magnetism ( patents applied for ) it has become possible to eliminate the harshness and irritating edginess which previously has been common to all moving coil cartridges.

Dynavector introduced their revolutionary Karat range of cartridges in 1980.  That cartridge utilized a solid diamond and synthetic ruby cantilever of only 2.5mm for the first time.  This short cantilever results in a very fast sound and the overall design of the Karat allowed audiophiles to enjoy subtleties in the original production they had not realized existed.  Indeed, when the Karat was introduced at that time it produced quite a sensation in the audiophile world.  We have the latest 17D3 version of the Karat  mounted on a Gold Note B-7 tonearm which is on a Gold Note Giglio turntable.  What a sound this Karat produces with this table and arm!  Fast, detailed, powerful and really exciting to listen to.  Tip:  As a mid priced analogue set-up,  this Dynavector / Gold Note combination is really phenomenal.  Give me a call if you’d like to know more about it.

Check out the Dynavector range of cartridges today.  It starts with the amazing 10X5

high output MC which is a superb cartridge at a great price.  It has received numerous accolades from reviewers and audiophiles throughout the world.