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Coherent Audio


Coherent Audio

A new and exciting range of super high efficiency coaxial loudspeakers. The perfect choice for low power tube amps and SET enthusiasts. Essentially, there are three models corresponding to the three sizes of coaxial drivers employed (10 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch ). All models are eight ohm designs and range in efficiency from 94 to 98 dbs.

Coherent speakers are designed and hand built by Frank Fazzalari in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Frank Fazzalari has been in the speaker building business for years, manufacturing enclosures for many well known Canadian companies. Around 2007, he launched his own company beginning with the Model 6 followed by other successful models as well as various custom commissioned special models.

The last five years has seen extensive research conducted by Coherent Audio. The focus of the research was to design and build an affordable high efficiency speaker that would most realistically deliver the microdynamics, vividness, dimensionality and excitement of live music. After numerous prototypes, extensive listening tests and continuous design refinements, it was determined that the best way to achieve the desired objectives would be through a high sensitivity / high quality full range co-axial driver.

The basic requirements were fulfilled by the American made Radian Co-axial drivers. However, this is only the the starting point. The Radian driver undergoes extensive modifications by Coherent Audio and is matched to a special crossover designed and built by Coherent. It is based on totally new design principles and incorporates special coils which are also built by Coherent. Finally, and very importantly, each model of coaxial driver is matched to an in house designed and hand built cabinet that incorporates unique structural features to allow the modified coaxial units to perform at their maximum capability.

The end result of all of the above is an absolutely outstanding new range of extra high efficiency Coherent Audio speaker models. Best of all, the pricing is extremely reasonable for the performance and hand built quality you get. The models play beautifully with low power tube amps in particular and at last fill a long time void in the reasonably priced and reasonably sized high efficiency loudspeaker category. Since all cabinets are hand built, the customer can select whatever veneer choice they would like.