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Clayton Audio


Clayton Audio

Clayton Audio is a St. Louis based company dedicated to producing reference quality amplification for those who value the palpability and elegance of natural, live sound. To that end, the company only makes class A amplifiers of reference quality. The amplifiers are the creation of a former IBM design engineer who wanted to bring some of his expertise to the field of audio. All Clayton amplifiers use precision matched Motorola semiconductors of the highest specification.

In Clayton Amplifiers, the output transistors are multiply paralleled for smooth sound, long term reliability, and extreme stability. The power supplies are built to a standard that would do justice to much higher-powered audiophile designs with temperature tolerances superior to those of many well-known amplifiers.

All Clayton amplifiers are conservatively rated and have enormous current reserves to drive any speaker load with aplomb. They will double their power output into 4 ohms and increase further down to 1 ohm with complete stability. Carefully selected audiophile grade parts are used throughout, including the finest audiophile wiring, glass circuit boards with solid silver traces ( unheard of in audio applications ) and capacitors from Sprague, as well as binding posts and RCA inputs from WBT. All components are discrete and hand soldered. You will never find any surface mount components in a Clayton Audio product! Clayton amplifiers are designed to handle difficult loads in a manner that has all the traditional strengths of solid-state — bass control, power, current delivery, wide frequency response — while producing a refined, totally grainless sound with outstanding depth and imaging that recalls — without seeking to imitate — the best tube equipment.

At Hi Fi Art, Clayton is our undisputed solid state reference amplifier and one of our very top reference amplifiers period.