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Brinkmann turntables provide the ultimate analogue playback experience when it comes to vinyl records. In terms of engineering excellence, build quality, ultra high precision tolerances, visual elegance, and ultimately performance, Brinkmann is recognized world wide as one of the very top turntable manufacturers in existence. Michael Fremer echoed those words in his review of the Brinkmann Balance turntable when he said it is “ one of a handful of the finest turntables being made today “.

Vinyl record playback is an exceedingly delicate and massively complex undertaking. The undulations in the record’s groove are so miniscule that even loud music passages produce less than a millivolt of signal. Most importantly, in addition to producing only tiny amounts of voltage, tracing these grooves produces all sorts of unwanted vibrations. As records are cut at precisely 33 1/3 revolutions per minute, they therefore must also be played back at exactly the same speed; otherwise pitch will be off. This explains the most important requirements for proper playback: (1) Accurate and consistent speed; (2) Gentle groove tracing; (3) High level of immunity from external and internal vibrations; (3) Ultimate quietness and low friction of platter and tonearm bearings. Since the early 1980s, Helmut Brinkmann has unrelentingly pursued these design criteria with the best engineering capabilities available. That’s why today Brinkmann turntables provide the ultimate level of analogue performance.

There are four Brinkmann turntable models all of which incorporate the same engineering excellence and build quality that Brinkmann has become famous for. The models are the Bardo, Oasis, Spyder and Balance turntables.