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Brinkmann presently manufactures three tonearms.  They are exquisite.  Top precision, the highest levels of workmanship, visual elegeance and most of all sonic performance are all in the very top class of today’s tonearms.  The three models are the 10.5, the 12.1 and the 10.0 arm.  The model numbers also signify the tonearm’s length.  Both the 10.5 arm and the 12.1 arm are of a similar design. Specifically, they feature a double cardanic / gimballed suspension with precision Swiss bearings,  free of play,  which allows for precise and frictionless tracking.

For optimum resonance control and high torsional stability, the 10.5 and 12.1 arms are made from aluminum, stainless steel and a high tech synthetic material.  Their arm tubes also receive a special anodizing treatment which provides further resonance control.  The vertical down force and dynamic mass can be adjusted over a wide range thanks to the split collar counterweight.  Skating compensation is done by a no contact system through magnetic force.  All in all, these arms are very carefully thought out designs which are simple, elegant and sound just like they look – exquisite!  The 10.5 and 12.1 arms are considered two of the best tonearms in the world and are used as references  ( and highly recommended )  by magazines and reviewers around the globe.

Brinkmann’s 10.0 arm is a completely unique design.  This is Brinkmann’s newest tonearm.  It was developed with the two direct drive turntables Bardo and Oasis in mind but also works superbly with all types of quality turntables.

The 10.0 arm uses a completely different bearing technique than the 10.5 or 12.1 arms.

While it employs part of a unipivot concept, it is actually not a unipivot design at all.  A miniature bearing mounted on a stainless steep tip controls the horizontal motion.  This bearing is friction free and allows a very smooth play creating a lively, dynamic and very stable soundstage.  Unlike a typical unipivot, the arm also employs a ceramic bearing at the bottom to prevent sideways motion or wobbling  when a record warp or  other distrubance is encountered.  For the vertical motion, the arm utilizes precision bearings which are finely adjusted with no play.   The bearing arrangement along with the other design features has resulted in an arm of of outstanding sound characteristics.  The 10.0 is a world class tonearm.