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Brinkmann has two cartridges in their product lineup.  They are special!  The cartridges are the Pi and the EMT-ti.  The Pi cartridge is Stereophile Class A rated – and for good reason.  It has a highly resonance optimized case and with its dynamic mass is an outstanding partner to Brinkmann tonearms as well as most others.  It features a precision micro ridge stylus to retrieve the finest recorded deatails.  It sounds very natural in the midrange and gives big room imaging in three-dimensionality on the highest level of top cartridges.

Due to the Pi’s relatively high output, it will drive all preamps quite easily and to their best dynamic range.  Even with insensitive phono stages, the high output insures that the smallest signals will not be lost in the noise floor. The cartridge works perfectly between loads of 500 to 800 ohms.  It is delivered with special screws to optimize its coupling to the headshell.

The EMT-ti is a top grade EMT cartridge which undergoes extensive modifications by Brinkmann.  Modifications include a van den Hul stylus, an aluminum mount with a resonance optimized contact patch ( made of layers of copper, titanium and berylium ) and lasty, special sound-optimized mounting screws.

The EMT-ti has obviously been optimized to work superbly with Brinkmann tonearms.  However, audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts that have caught on to this remarkable cartridge have used it on a wide variety of tonearms with great success.  It’s the famous EMT sound taken to a new level of refinement!  What is the EMT sound?  It can be characterized by Solidity, Density and Dynamics with a Big 3-D Soundstage.  There’s nothing wimpy about it unlike some other audiophile approved  “ detailed “  cartridges.