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Brinkmann manufactures two high quality phono stages.  They are known as The Fein and The Edison.  Even though the Fein has been in production since 1985, it is anything but a golden oldie.  Since that time it has received continuous refinements which make it a current day state of the art device that’s way ahead of its class.  The Fein is a sleek and elegant unit with typical Brinkmann  build quality.

Brinkmann’s Fein features an outboard power supply, polished granite base, a single input, a low output impedance and a high grade volume control so vinyl purists can  drive their amplifier directly if they choose to do so.  In terms of its sonics, this phono stage provides great  vividness,  transparency and a strong sense of  “ prat “.  The Fein also has adjustable gain and operates in pure Class A to assure an excellent all round sonic performance.

Brinkmann’s second phono stage is called The Edison.  It is a top reference level device that Helmut Brinkann worked on for years before it was introduced to the marketplace a couple of years ago.  The Edison is a perfect choice for all discerning audiophiles who want to extract the maximum sound quality from their vinyl and / or want to use more than one tonearm.  The Edison offers three balanced RCA inputs, two of these are also available in XLR.  Each input can be individually optimized for gain and load to accommodate any phono cartridge.

The Edison uses highly innovative hybrid circuitry consisting of NOS Telefunken tubes and bipolar transistors.  In addition, an input transformer of superb quality manufactured by the famous component company Pikatron can be switched in or out for each input.  As you can see, the Edison provides superb flexibility for the vinyl enthusiast.  As far as the sound goes,  the Hifi & Records reviewer, Stefan Gawlik, says it best:  “  The Edison sounds pure.  And he is addictive.  He lets the music shine so relaxed and at the same time involving, so colourful but also precise, an experience that I only had in rare moments before… “