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Art Audio


Art Audio

Art Audio manufactures a range of hand built amplifiers, preamplifiers and phono stages of superb quality. While they also have other products such as turntables, we focus on their amplification products. Art Audio was founded in 1988 by Tom Willis in Notrtingham, England. Prior to that date, Tom’s reputation was already established as one of the top valve designers in the UK. In fact, his expertise was highly sought after and he provided consulting / design services to a number of well known valve manufacturers in the UK and in Europe.

Art for the eyes. Art for the ears. Those two statements very well summarize what Art Audio is about. Every product they have brought to market was developed with a passion for performance and musicality. The many accolades, rewards and extensive recognition the company has received through the years highlights the product line’s excellence.

One of the major reasons Art Audio amplifiers provide the outstanding sound they do is because of the unique output transformer they employ. It is a unique split core type designed by Tom Willis. This transformer provides a much wider bandwidth than most generally available transformers. That’s why Art Audio amplifiers have such an extended and solid bass presentation along with a beautifully extended and grainless top end. Due to the intricate nature of these transformers, they are custom wound by long time master transformer craftsmen in the UK.

The following design features are common to most Art Audio amplifiers:

* Zero feedback design, high peak current delivery.
* Automatic biasing circuit.
* Dual-mono design on a single chassis.
* Mil-spec. multi-layered circuit boards with heavy copper traces.
* Output tubes mounted on special isolation plate with rubber dampers to isolate
them from chassis vibration.
* Tube rectified and choke regulated power supplies preceded by pi filter and primary
solid state rectification.
* Ceramic tube sockets with silver plated pins.
* Chassis is constructed of non magnetic stainless steel and is hand polished to
perfection. All chassis are actually built in the UK.