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about us

At Hi Fi Art we have assembled a unique collection of audio components from around the world. Our goal in choosing this small group of select manufacturers is to provide the means to reproduce music so that it is a totally captivating experience in your home. The type of sound reproduction where you want to listen for hours and hours because it sounds so good…

At Hi Fi Art, we are very much into vinyl. I find that after 25 years of pursuing high end sound, good
vinyl playback still provides a sense of realism and level of musicality that’s hard to beat. So whether
you’re a seasoned vinyl enthusiast or someone looking to get started with vinyl, we are happy to provide whatever assistance you require. We have four world class turntable lines available as well as a wide range of tonearms, phono stages, cartridges and accessories to meet all of your vinyl needs.

And if you want to improve your digital playback, I can tell you that the latest models of our two Italian lines of CD players and DACs are really something. So whatever your audio needs are, our objective at Hi Fi Art is to provide you with advice, components and set-up assistance so that you can achieve the most musical experience in your listening room.

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